Property Condition Report

Prior to handing the keys over, a Property Condition Report is prepared and provided to tenants for review. This report contains extensive details of the property (cleanliness, damage, list of furniture & fittings etc.). This document is also what is used to checkout a tenant at the end of a lease and ensures the property is left in the same condition as when the tenant first took possession with the exception of fair wear and tear.

Repairs and Maintenance

If tenants require maintenance or repair of a property, please email your property manager with the details. We can provide our preferred vendors or in-house expertise to fulfil the requirements.

Moving Out Or Changing Tenants

Breaking Lease

If tenants wish to move out before the fixed term tenancy expires, please contact your property manager. The owner of the property may allow us to try to find new tenants for the property in order to allow the lease to run until its expiry.

Replacing Tenants

The departing flatmate and new flatmate are to arrange the bond transfer between themselves. Please contact your property manager if there has been a change (or a foreseeable change) in tenants.

Property Viewings

Once a tenant gives notice of vacating a property, please be understanding that we will require access to show prospective tenants through the property. We will always provide tenants with notice of viewings and a property manager will be present the entire time.

Exit Inspection

We will complete the move out inspection immediately after the end of the lease. Tenants will need to have deep cleaned the property, removed belongings and handed the keys back to us. We will be in contact immediately to discuss any issues. To save tenants time and money, we provide a helpful check list to assist with the vacating process.